You can use the program for free in two weeks.
After that period you can still use the program as a reader.

For the sharp version you must buy a licence.
The price is USD 90:-

Get weSee for WIN (8 Mbyte)
Issue 2005-11-02
Known bugs: Links does not always work.
In some cases meta-windows are opened in wrong mode.
Links and metadata in PDF-files does not work.

Please use Safari or Firefox.
Get weSee for MAC (2 Mbyte).
Issue 2005-08-23
Known bugs: If you want to abort a browser-windows before it is not totally opened (klick upper left) the program will virtually go into a loop.
Links and metadata in PDF-files does not work.

Buy a licence: Kagi e-handel

We appreciate your opinion:
If you are pleased with the program, please tell others.
If it does not work please inform us, if possible with screendumps.