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We work with examples for your education and inspiration.
Please feel free to share your examples with others.

Tjust archipelago seen with the camera of Roger Karlsson.
This is a zip-file of 2.6 Mbyte. Open the map
with the weSee-program and click on the objects.

Russian tsars is a ZIP-file of 2.3 Mbyte. Download the ZIP-file with the house of Romanov.

MAC-users: The zip-files are automatically opened.
Drag-and-drop the file - USSR-regents.tif - on the
weSee-program icon .
Click the objects.

WIN: Double-click the zip-file to open it.
Open the file - USSR-regents.tif - with the weSee-program.
The file will open in MULTI-mode. Click the object Romanov.

The family Bernadotte is a large ZIP-file of 8 Mbytes.
You can start wherever you like, preferable with the file

The family tree is like a navigator, click on the objects.

TjustArkivet contains more than 2000 pictures and documents from Tjust. It will be converted to the weSee-method part by part. Now you can see 500 pictures with weSee metadata.